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About Our CEO

Mr. Ataullah Faruk is the esteemed CEO of iON TV, bringing a wealth of experience and a passion for media innovation. Under his visionary leadership, iON TV has emerged as a trailblazer in the broadcasting industry, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to revolutionise the viewer experience. His strategic acumen and deep understanding of audience preferences have propelled the company's growth and success, while his commitment to diversity and empowerment fosters a culture of creativity and collaboration within the organisation. With his exceptional leadership, iON TV continues to inspire and connect communities globally, delivering valuable and immersive content experiences.

Mr. Ataullah Faruk is a forward-thinking leader who has positioned iON TV as a trusted source of information, inspiration, and entertainment. His remarkable ability to drive positive change and motivate the team ensures that iON TV remains at the forefront of the broadcasting industry, setting new standards and revolutionising how communities connect and engage with media.